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I'm a PhD student of set theory. I'm mainly interested in (iterated) forcing and its application to set theory of the reals.

I'm writing my PhD thesis at the Vienna University of Technology with Martin Goldstern as my advisor.

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Photos of conferences etc....

Conference in Budapest (Infinite and finite sets)

Two photos of the lunar eclipse on Wednesday evening, more pictures (of the conference) will be added soon...
lunar eclipse
lunar eclipse

Young Set Theory Workshop 2011 in Bonn

You can view all the group pictures taken in Bonn (in full resolution) on a separate page.
group picture YST 2011 Bonn

Young Set Theory Workshop 2010 in Raach (Austria)

Here is a link to a password protected site with photos of the Young Set Theory Workshop 2010 in Raach (Austria).

For privacy reasons, you have to enter username and password to view the site: on 16th June 2010, you probably got a mail with these login data; if not, you are welcome to write me a mail.

A beautiful morning in Raach

Photos of other conferences etc. may be added...


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