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I'm a PhD student of set theory. I'm mainly interested in (iterated) forcing and its application to set theory of the reals.

I'm writing my PhD thesis at the Vienna University of Technology with Martin Goldstern as my advisor.

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Curriculum vitae


2000 Reifeprüfung (High School Diploma) at the Europagymnasium Klagenfurt
Fall 2000 Begin of studying "Technische Mathematik" at the TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology)
Oct 2004 - Sept 2005 Zivildienst (substitute for military service)
Apr 2008 Awarded degree of "Diplom-Ingenieur der Technischen Mathematik" (Master of Science in Mathematics). Diploma thesis: On the existence of p-points and other ultrafilters in the Stone-Cech-compactification of N (advisor: Martin Goldstern).
Fall 2008 Begin of my PhD studies (advisor: Martin Goldstern).


2004 - 2008 "Tutor für Maschinenbau" and "Tutor für Bauingenieurwesen", Mathematik 1 and 2 (Teaching Assistant for Students of Engineering).

Talks and Poster Presentations

2005 - 2010 Several seminar talks at the Kurt Gödel Research Center (University of Vienna) and the Institute of Discrete Mathematics and Geometry (Vienna University of Technology).
Oct 2007 Poster presentation at the International Student Research Conference "Einsteins in the City 2" (at The City College of New York).
May 2010 Contributed talk at the New York Graduate Student Logic Conference 2010; Titel: "Small subsets of the real line and variants of the Borel Conjecture".

Other Conferences and Scientific Travels

June 2008 UltraMath 2008, Applications of Ultrafilters and Ultraproducts in Mathematics, Pisa, Italy
Sept - Oct 2008 One-month stay in Rutgers (The State University of New Jersey), cooperation with Saharon Shelah
Feb 2009 Winter School in Abstract Analysis 2009, section Topology, Hejnice, Czech Republic
April 2009 Young Set Theory Workshop 2009, Bellaterra, Spain
June 2009 ESI Workshop on Large Cardinals and Descriptive Set Theory, Vienna, Austria
Sept 2009 Two-week stay at the Institut Mittag-Leffler, Stockholm (during the fall 2009 scientific program "Mathematical Logic: Set theory and model theory"), cooperation with Saharon Shelah
Feb 2010 Young Set Theory Workshop 2010, Raach, Austria


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